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Music Video »A Cube (Drift)« by Rauschfeld

The basic visuals for this video were made with the wonderful glitchNES for the Nintendo Entertainment System (used in an emulator here). I filmed the glitchNES visuals off of an old CRT TV to make them less pristine and to add the good old CRT scanlines.

Then I processed the CRT glitchNES visuals in Resolume Arena, mostly using the Threshold effect to make them monochrome black and white (in reality they’re very colorful) and the Edge, Trail, and Shift Glitch effects. For the Shift Glitch effect I made some parameters audio reactive to different parts of the frequency spectrum. These visuals were projected inside the cube using Resolume’s Cube effect.

I recorded several versions of this with different effect combinations and then edited them in Final Cut Pro.

The starting point for the music were sequences made in Ableton Live with Fors Opal. I recorded each of Opal’s engines to a separate track in Live, and then heavily edited them to form the track structure. Some additional sub bass FM was added with Ableton’s Operator synth.

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