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Computer Rooms

Inspired by GOTO80’s wonderful “Computer Rooms” book, I searched through my photo library for photos of my own computer rooms.



AMD Athlon 800 at the main desk, Pentium II in the back left, Amiga 1200 in tower in the back right. HP Deskjet 520 printer. Some vintage 8088 PC in front left.



Still rocking that Athlon 800, still rocking that Amiga mouse pad. And some laptop I forgot about.



MacBook Pro 2009, modular synth, various music stuff.

2021 and today


MacBook Pro 2018, still a modular synth, MIDI keyboard, and a space for various music stuff (here occupied by some Game Boys and a Kaoss Pad). CRT TV under the table for analogue video shenanigans.

Obviously these are not all my computer rooms, but they are the ones that I found photos of. Also, from around 2016 up until last year I only used a MacBook Pro around the house and didn’t have a desk.

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