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Excellent Sky

“Tree Neun” is based on the recording of a numbers station and uses a lot of manually modulated delay effects from the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy. The numbers station heard is the Lincolnshire Poacher. This recording of the Lincolnshire Poacher was released by Irdial-Discs as part of the Conet Project under the Free Music Philosophy.

“Margery Darcy” is the oldest track on this EP and was recorded shortly after “Leuchtenberg” from the Xiqents EP. I think it retains some of Leuchtenberg’s vibe.

“Death Ray Sunshine” is a track with multiple sequences and multiple sub oscillators from the MakeNoise STO’s sub out, generated with the Doepfer A-160. The death ray sound is the Mutable Instuments Braids in WLIN mode, controlled by MakeNoise Pressure Points’s pressure out. The second sequence that comes in about halfway through the track is the MFB Nanozwerg, sequenced by the Urzwerg.

“Brubaker” is an ambient recording of my synths augmented with a heavily reverbed and delayed guitar recording.

“A Universe Called Fred” is a slightly weird, yet calming 10-minute-journey at the end of this EP. It has a sequence playing on the MFB Urzwerg throughout the whole track with some heavily LFO modulated output from the modular on top of it.


released August 3, 2014

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