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Live Visuals for MADTIXX's GPN21 Set

MADTIXX delivered a banging techno/progressive house set at GPN21 and I got to do live visuals for the recorded set.

The visuals were performed live in Resolume using a MIDI controller, with the recorded set playing and providing FFT data for Resolume. The remixed video for “FBI (GulaschDub)” (the first track in the set) was edited and added after the recording to get the right timings for the scenes in sync with the music and voices.

I prepared three major “themes” for the set:

Also, I made heavy use of 2D animation loops, most of them by Laak and some by Micah Buzan. I also used a few 3D elements, some of them were made by me in Blender, most of them again by the awesome Laak.

In Resolume I grouped the clips and loops into eight decks that made sense to me and then it was just a matter of performing and improvising the visuals to the music.

Overall I’m very happy with the visuals for MADTIXX’s awesome DJ set.

Also check out MADTIXX on Twitch, where he streams his DJ sets.

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