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Our Love Is Frequency

A heavily 90s inspired jungle track, made in Renoise with synth samples from my E-Mu Orbit 9090.

The break is of course the famous Amen break, the bass sample and the voice samples are taken from the first Zero-G Datafile CD. All the synth samples I sampled from my E-Mu Orbit 9090 “The Dance Planet” rack mount synth, which has all the 90s dance sound presets you can imagine. Processing wise I used Arturia’s Cold Fire distortion plugin and Shaper Box, mostly for bass distortion and wobble. Mixing and mastering were done in Logic Pro.

The video is based on this video from the Prelinger Archive. The morphing 3D cube is a render I made in Blender 3D, the animated diamond shape pattern is from Laak’s “Hand” VJ loop pack.

I used some effects in Resolume Avenue (like mirror, delay RGB, etc.) and then sent everything though my analogue video setup for some glitches and feedback. I re-recorded those scenes and edited everything in Final Cut Pro.

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