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Music Video for »redroom/black« by Rauschfeld

For this music video both elements, the audio-reactive background grid and the audio-reactive lines, were made in TouchDesigner. It’s all in one patch but the two parts were recorded separately (with alpha channel) and then edited together with the background in Final Cut Pro. The separate recordings gave me a bit more flexibiliy and also made it easier on the CPU and GPU.

I made several versions of the white lines with different line widths, and different effects on top. In the end I used a version with very few effects (only blur and limit), because I felt it fitted the somewhat analogue/paper style best.

The lines start with just two points and gain a new point (and thus a new line) with every beat of the kick drum, resulting in around 370 connected lines at the end of the video.

In the beginning the lines are quantized to a grid which they lose during the second break of the track, making it even look a bit organic – especially towards the end with a higher number of points. The tranisition to the non-grid version was animated in TouchDesigner.

The texts on every node are basically just the coordinates for every point added together and then converted to letters with a Python expression in TouchDesigner.

For the music I once again employed the Fors Opal Max for Live device, Live’s own Operator synth and a bunch of effect plugins.

As for the title: At first I wanted to use a red background, but it looked a bit too to dark. I liked the title, so I went with it anyway.

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