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Terrific Like This (Goddamn Noise)

Some 90s inspired rave/acid fun.

This is the first track I made with the Akai S1000. All drums (chopped Amen break), a stacked chord, and all the voice samples are played on the S1000. Some additional sounds (chords, piano) come frome a Kawai K1 VST for that cheesy 90s rompler sound. The bass is the Roland TB-03, Roland’s own 303-clone.

Everything was MIDI sequenced in Logic and recorded using the 8 outputs of the Akai. Also some mixing and mastering was done in Logic.

The video consists of some 80s aerobics videos and footage from the 1984 olympics - and of course everything went through several of my circuit bent analogue video devices.

Download this track:

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